How to Restrict Access to Electronic Documents

If you have personal information about staff and customers and confidential business plans or sensitive legal documents You must ensure they are safe. It is important that you ensure that they are not accessible to anyone other than those who have been granted permission to view them. They should also be protected from being copied, printed, or modified.

Ideally you should use a document management system that can assist with restrict access to electronic documents. A well-designed document management system will include audit trails and monitors that identify suspicious activity. It also stops people who are on individuals from committing fraud by using official passwords and usernames to gain access to private company email accounts or sensitive areas of the system. This will stop these people from copying your secure files to USB gadgets and redistributing them to unauthorized locations.

Click the Permissions icon to restrict access to a particular document. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of access levels. For example, you could give Ranjit the authority to read a document, but not alter it. If you’ve done this the document will show with a message telling you that it is rights-managed and that it requires permission to read it.

If you make a request for seals or shields, you can restrict access to all cases in which a file is. If the court approves your request, all documents within the case are kept confidential until you decide whether to remove them.